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In the current scenario, Hospitals in India have a detailed insight into the patient’s care delivery during their hospitalizations, but lack visibility into the patient’s health status and outcomes once the patient is discharged from the hospital. To ensure quality care delivery and clinical outcomes for the Hospital, care management and coordination is required for the patients not only during their course of hospitalization but also pre and post encounter/ discharge from the hospital.

HEAPS’s Clinical Outcomes Management module develops a customized care and hospitalization outcomes management plan for each patient and schedules multiple touch points with the patient to track their progress in a clinical manner. By capturing data on patient touch points during hospitalization and post discharge till the entire episode of care ends, HEAPS can help the hospital set up a platform to publish its clinical outcomes in a holistic manner. The process of engagement with the patient post discharge helps the hospital to reduce its patient leakages and increase the overall ratings of the hospital thereby creating its own organic patient network.

The primary goal is to reduce the incidence rate of unexpected rehospitalizations. It develops a customised care coordination plan for all the discharged patients based on the age, gender, procedure/medical condition and severity of illness

  • Key Features
    • AI based care customisation and coordination plan for entire episode of care
    • Monitoring protocols for all surgical procedures and medical management cases
    • Real-time insights into patients conditions to physicians
  • Benefits to Hospitals
    • Improved patient health outcomes
    • Reduced patient leakages/churn
    • Improved patient satisfaction
    • Increased patient loyalty
    • A sense of security that the health is being continuously tracked and monitored
    • Proactive outreach for care coordination
    • Support with ancillary medical service needs, if required
    • Access to the command centre for support