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Even with India providing the finest medical care in the world through its advanced technology and astute professionals, Medical travel to India has been an unorganized journey. HEAPS provides vital information to medical travellers on health outcomes of their selected healthcare providers. This, along with the plethora of treatment plans and locations we provide as options, aids them in taking control of their health journey by making an informed decision.

HEAPS will, through its associations with travel agents and hospitals with experience in handling and treating international passengers, ensure that the patient and their attendants have an enriching, hassle-free experience, making sure that the patient’s health is always the top priority.

  • Benefits to Hospitals
    • Larger brand presence
    • Patient flow from all over the world
    • Revenue through international patients
    • Higher utilization on resources
    • High quality service at wise costs
    • State of the art medical infrastructure
    • Astute medical professionals
    • Quick access to medical treatments